Tips on Fighting Traffic Tickets

Points will be assigned to your driving license if you receive a traffic ticket. This could raise your insurance premiums. Your license could also be suspended after receiving a given number of points. As a driver, you need to be very careful when driving because if you violate traffic rules you will get a traffic ticket. Most people think that they can’t fight traffic tickets, but many can have their tickets dismissed or their fines reduced. Here are some tips that will help you in fighting traffic tickets.


How to fight traffic tickets

After receiving a traffic ticket, the first thing that you should do is to write to the courthouse pleading not guilty of the offense. In your letter, you should also ask for trial by declaration. This will allow you to contest your ticket in writing and increase the chances of dismissal of the case. You need to note the turning date for the declaration. This will work in your favor if the officer in charge fails to turn their paperwork by this date, the case will be dismissed. Fill in a request for trial by written declaration form. You should clearly explain your case under the statement of facts or simply state that you stand by your plea of not being guilty. Send your declaration by certified mail with a bail payment. Bail is the amount of your ticket. You will get your money back if you win the case. You can also include evidence that you feel could help you in your case. The judge will review the declaration and make a ruling. If you don’t win the case, you may accept the ruling if the fine is low.

If you are not satisfied with the decision, you can plead guilty by writing to the courthouse. You need to note the court date. It is advisable to take as many continuances as possible. You can tell the court that you are ill or your work commitments won’t allow you tom appear in court for a given period of time. The longer you delay the case, the more likely the police officer won’t show up. This will lead to the dismissal of the case. When the material day comes, you should show up in time to defend yourself. You need to take note of what the witnesses will say. If they say anything that is not in your ticket, you may have found a way of winning the case. Cross examine the witnesses to ascertain their authenticity and knowledge of the case. If you have your own witnesses, you can also call and examine them. Ask them questions that will help them clearly state the facts about the case. After cross examining your witnesses, you can give your closing statement. In your statement, you should clearly point out the weaknesses in the case and reasons why the accusations leveled against you are malicious. You can also hire the services of a lawyer to help you in fighting traffic tickets. Lawyers could help you in getting witnesses for your case and collecting enough evidence for the case.

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Questions To Ask a Criminal Lawyer

When you are charged with a crime, the first thing is to get a good criminal defense lawyer. In moments like this when one is desperate for a lawyer and time is limited, people tend to make bad criminal lawyer choices thus putting their cases in jeopardy. Before you hire a lawyer to represent you in criminal proceedings, there are certain things you need be aware of. Below is a list of 10 questions that will help you get a deeper understanding of your criminal lawyer, his background, experience and plan for your case should you decide to hire him.


Background and experience
1. Do you have board certification to practice criminal law?
A board certification indicates that the lawyer is well experienced in representing individuals in criminal cases. It also shows proficiency and expertise. Asking for board certification is ultimately the best way of judging the experience of a criminal defense attorney.
2. For how long have you been a criminal lawyer?
Knowing for how many years the lawyer has been in business will help you gauge his knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law. Generally, experts recommend that a good criminal lawyer should have an experience of not less than 10 years.
3. Which aspects of criminal law are you most proficient and experienced in?
While looking for a lawyer who specializes in criminal law is good, you need to go deeper than that to find one who focuses on certain areas of criminal law. Some criminal law specializations include drug related crimes, violent crimes and robbery cases.  For more information about criminal defense in the state of Michigan, view

Handling of your case

4. Will you be the one to personally handle my case and represent me?
The best attorney is one who focuses on your case without involving too many legal experts. Large firms are especially bad at using paralegals and interns on their cases. It is easy for something to go wrong if a lot of people are involved in your case.
5. What do you think of my case?
For the lawyer to answer this question, he or she may have to ask you several things. You may also have to furnish certain documents such as search warrants, the police report and any other related documents. Having studied your situation, a good criminal lawyer should be able to clearly explain where you stand and the prospects of your case.
6. What are my chances?
Experienced lawyers can make pretty food predictions concerning the outcome of a case. The lawyer should however not make any guarantees. The only things you should be aware of are the possible outcomes.
7. What should I do?
Get to know what your obligations in the case are. You may need to provide documents to the lawyer or provide more information as needed.


8. What kind of payment do you charge?
The lawyer may ask for a flat fee payment while other lawyers ask for a retainer. Know this information before proceeding.
9. How much will the total cost be?
Have the lawyer give you fee estimates for time spent on the case and any other related charges. Tally all these costs up and determine what the total final cost will be.
10. Are there extra fees that I am responsible for?
In a situation where your case goes to trial, extra costs can set in. For instance you may need to call in experts to testify. Ask if these costs are inclusive of the attorney’s fees or apart.

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Things Not To Do During a Divorce

cautionDivorce is a very emotional process that couples go through that cannot be wished on any couple. It is said that it is inevitable because it happens to a lot of people so frequently these days and so it is something that will always be there. Divorce though tragic and emotional can be prepared for once it happens. There are few things that should be avoided and they will be clearly outlined.

1. Do not begin a new relationship
This is very common with most people and it never helps in any way it actually worsens things and it just eventually makes you even more emotional. Running into another relationship first and foremost is not genuine because people who do that just do it to keep their mind off what they are going through and it is basically taking advantage or just using your latest partner and they will just end up being rebounds for you. Never go into a new relationship because that intimacy will be so false and you will still end up hurting other people and it becomes a loose, loose situation for you. Avoid it and only head for one after 6 months or one year after the divorce.

2. Do not ignore your emotions
Just let out how you feel, it is important to cry and scream and shout sometimes, it helps you relieve all the pain burning inside. You should seek help from friends ask them to help you with how you feel and always interact with them not to feel alone.

3. Do not discuss details about the divorce with children
Despite your child’s age make sure you are just honest and open with them without being too detailed. This is important because they take such issues seriously and may even leave them depressed, especially the young ones who may not understand as much. Just be open and make sure to tell them that all will be well.

4. Do not get bitter
As easy as it is to get bitter mostly at your partner just make sure you do not. You might blame them for the divorce, but it will not help or solve anything just accept it and move on because being bitter may lead you to do things that you will later regret. It is important to exercise control for the sake of yourself and for the sake of your children.

5. Do not go around spending money unnecessarily
Temptation can hit you and you may feel the only solution is to spend money you had saved up just for the sake of using. This can be very risky for you because you may buy things you do not need because of the pain you feel and before you know it you will have spent a lot of money and you will have very little left. This only leaves you with regret and it only adds up to the stress you already have and it will only worsen things.

The mentioned things are just a few things that you should absolutely avoid. They only help to worsen things and they will leave you worse off than you already are.  Always try to seek help when things get out of hand. When you feel that you cannot take it anymore just talk to the person you feel most close and open with. Do not suffer alone and always learn to share and open up because a problem once talked about is half solved.

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Reasons as To Why You Need a Criminal lawyer

romeA criminal lawyer is that individual who understands very well the law and can defend a client against the crimes he/she is charged with. There are very many people who make good use of the criminal lawyers whenever they are faced with charges against crimes. Some of the crimes include sexual harassment, domestic violence, crimes associated with drugs, frauds and even embezzlement. Here are some of the key reasons as to Why You Need a Criminal lawyer:

A Criminal Lawyer Will Build The Required Defense Against A Crime And Develops A Case Strategy

This is an individual who is supposed to stand by your site when you are faced with a crime. He/she knows the right procedures that can be used as defense mechanisms so as to free you from the charges you are faced with. Normally, they will try all possible means to proof that you are not guilty. He/she will also ensure that the case follows the right procedures needed in the court and ensure that all your rights are protected.

A Criminal Lawyer Will Negotiate With The Prosecution And Bargains For Lesser Charges

There are some instances where you are found guilty beyond reasonable doubts. At this situation, a criminal lawyer will be the one to negotiate with the prosecution for lesser charges. He/she will apply his/her skills together with the experience they have to convince the prosecution to reduce the charges. This will be of great beneficiary to you as the charges can be reduced.

He/She Will Interview The Witness And Investigate The Case

This is a very crucial stage in the investigation of a crime. The criminal attorney will use his/her skills to interview the witness. He/she will administer some of the relevant questions to the witness that will assist in the process of investigation. There are some instances where you can be proven not guilty just because a witness fails to answer the questions he/she is asked. Therefore a criminal attorney can assist you in the process of investigation.

A Criminal Attorney Will Perform Legal Research

There are some instances where there are emerging issues in the legal field. Such emerging issues can be of great beneficiary to you in the court or when you are faced with the crimes. A criminal lawyer will do research and identify such new trends that he/she will use to assist you in the court. Besides, by so doing, they will improve and diversify their legal knowledge and know how.

A Criminal Lawyer Will Study The Crime Scene

A criminal lawyer will be in a position to study the crime scene and come up with the ideas that can be used in the defense. They include the possible evidence and the order of the events. Such things can be used to proof either wrong or right a witness in the court. Therefore it is the work of such attorneys to study the crime scene and connect the events as they occurred. They will then study what the witnesses are testifying and try to connect with the order of events they predicted by studying the crime scene.

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